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The AGORA Association is the 1st Senegalese Public Health Association. 100% of your donations contribute to better health for vulnerable communities in Africa. Your support is therefore vital! The accounts of the association are audited and certified by statutory auditors.

How do we use your donations?

Thanks to your generous contributions. Your contributions are used to carried out public health programs in over 30 villages in Senegal. These projects take into account the preferences of the communities. Your donations fund community-based public health programs

Our approach is participatory and aims to make lasting changes in the communities where we work in favour of the populations. Each year, contributors receive a report of the projects carried out.

Our public health programs cover four areas of intervention:

Women and children Health: The AGORA Association is committed to several levels: Improve access to reproductive health for disadvantaged people, awareness of sexual and reproductive health, family planning activities, pre- and postnatal monitoring of pregnant women, immunization campaigns, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, awareness of healthy nutrition...

Chronic diseases: The AGORA Association focuses its intervention on a comprehensive approach including all the axes necessary for the implementation of prevention and quality management of chronic diseases.

Health promotion: Beyond the programs carried out in the field with local communities, the AGORA Association conducts information, health promotion and mobilization campaigns. The AGORA Association adopts a comprehensive, culturally appropriate approach aimed at changing behaviour as well as environments related to health.


ProjectS needing funding



The AGORA Association's “Keur Yaay” Project is a robust and strategic response to the challenges of access to emergency obstetric care for the rural populations of the Saint-Louis region. The purpose of this project is to respond to the needs of care, information and organization of perinatal follow-up of at-risk pregnancies, thus promoting the early identification and orientation of access to care. The maternity waiting home will provide a temporary place of stay for at- risk pregnant women living in remote areas, in their final stages of pregnancy, to be able to access an equipped hospital for a safe and supervised delivery.

Estimated Budget: US$25,000

Battling hypertension by reducing household salt consumption

The project objective is to reduce salt intake by a minimum of 30% in the households in Saint Louis Senegal and we set that as the target, toward which an intervention strategy was developed and implemented.

The intervention duration will be 6 months. Our slogan was “Kill the Silent killer: Let’s reduce salt.” The salt reduction curriculum and materials will be developed around the key messages: the harmful effects of salt on health and the salt reduction target; the recommended level of salt intake; and how to reduce salt intake.

Estimated Budget: US$45,000